• Polegate Town Council

    • Working groups

      Post May 2019

      Business Plan Working group (who formulate a draft business plan to present for council discussion, revision and approval)

      Flower contracts working group (a small group delegated via the clerk to make decisions on items such as new plants, colours and locations of planting)

      Christmas Lights working group (a small group who select themes for new and replacement lighting when required)

      Buildings & Land working group ( a large group with some delegation through the clerk. mainly concerned with buildings and land matters such as allotments play areas etc. large reports are frequently produced for full council and are available to the public as background papers. Some items are confidential mainly due to land matters.)

      Library working group (a small group overseeing and facilitating the support of re opening a local library)

      Website working group (A small group with delegation through the clerk for matters relating to the improvement of the website not already delegated direct to the town clerk)

      Communities and Tourism working group ( a new larger group concerned with discussions and reports on how to improve the town, community and tourism in the area)

      Neighbourhood plan working group ( a small group currently assessing the need/requirement for a Neighbourhood plan which complies with the new emerging Wealden local plan)

      Emergency Plan working group (a small group developing resilience in the community in liaison with larger authorities - some items are confidential)

      Internal Audit and Internal control working group ( a small group who carry out reviews of current procedures and internal control and the robustness of internal audit)

      Risk management working group ( a small group reviewing the corporate risk management process)

      CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) working group (a small group discussing the use of the funding in respect of items in the business plan and windfall projects in compliance withe the CIL legislation.)


      NB working groups meet in informal non public meetings to discuss proposals to report back to full council. Reports are presented at full council meetings in the background papers. A small number of groups are able to make decisions (pre agreed by council) through a delegation to the clerk in liaison with the working group members. These are reported back to full council periodically as updates to original decisions either via the group or via the clerks report. 



      Pre 2019

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