• Polegate Town Council

    • East Sussex County council reduces cuts to Polegate verges

    • Polegate Town Council has been notified of a reduction in the number of cuts by East Sussex Highways from April 2018 the currently funded 6 cuts will be reduced down to 2 per year. The notifications arrived after the setting of the budget, leaving the town council no option but to plug the gap. The Town Council currently tops up the number of cuts from 6 to 15. However, from April the Town Council will now be required to bridge that gap of 13 cuts to ensure that the residents still receive the service they expect.

      It is important to note that East Sussex County Highways own the verges and have the responsibility for cutting them.

      The Town Council has responded to these reductions by seeking even better value from its contractor and making provision in the following years draft budget to cover the deficit.  Other Towns have not bridged the gap, instead directing their resident complaints to East Sussex Highways direct.