• Polegate Town Council

    • Library Volunteer's Meeting 15/1/19

    • Excellent start to Library Volunteer's meeting

      Many thanks to all of the library volunteers who were able to attend Tuesday night’s meeting. We shall be contacting you again shortly for the next meeting as mentioned.

      It was a very promising meeting, lots of positivity and a wide range of people with various skills all keen to see the library continue.

      Another meeting of the volunteers is to be held to determine whether it will be possible to set up a Community Interest Company (or alternative) with volunteers willing to take on the roles and responsibilities that entails. If this is possible then the final report can go to full council to consider its options and make a final decision on the way forward. Residents will have the opportunity to view the report prior to the meeting and comment in the usual way.

      The option for a Community Interest Company (or alternative) is being considered due to the serious concerns over the sustainability of the site, the conditions of the Service Level Agreement with East Sussex County Council and the potential financial loss that could occur should the site become unavailable in the future.

      We encourage all volunteers who have not yet registered with us (since May 2018) who wish to help out in any way, to complete the GDPR form and volunteer forms, which are available to download from our website. A paper copy can be obtained from the council office if required. (Links below for both forms)

      Please note that if you added your name on the early consultation paperwork, we are not able to take your details from the forms due to data protection and therefore we would respectfully ask you to complete the compliance form and skills form and return them to us as soon as possible. Your name can then be added to our mailing list for the library.

      Library Volunteer Form

      GDPR Form