• Polegate Town Council

    • New public toilet in the High Street

    • The public toilets in the High Street Polegate are being re located to a more secure and central location within the town. They will be situated in the far corner of the Town Council Garden. This is centrally located for Polegate close to the main shopping area and station and bus stops. It will also be in clear view of the CCTV cameras so the toilets will be more secure. 

      The old toilets are in desperate need of modernisation. The most cost-efficient way of bringing a modern, new facility to Polegate residents is to relocate the toilets and sell the existing building to help finance this. The new toilet facility will be cheaper to clean and have less maintenance issues than the current building.

      The new toilet will be a modern unit which is accessible for all and includes baby change. You may notice ‘for sale’ signs going up on the old toilets shortly, however rest assured that these will remain open until the new facility is up and running.   

      Please monitor our social media and website for updates.