• Polegate Town Council

    • Oakleaf play park update 5.8.19


      There has been some speculation on Polegate Facebook group sites about the playpark at Oakleaf Drive. The facts, as previously stated on the Polegate Town Council Facebook page are that the playpark delays have been due to the East Sussex County Council contractors (who are doing the construction work on behalf of East Sussex County council at Polegate School) having unforeseen issues which have prevented them from clearing the playpark and putting up the new fence. Unfortunately, East Sussex County Council own the land and the Town council cannot install the new park equipment until the ESCC work is finished, and we are beholden to their timescales. Polegate Town Council have been in discussions with the County Council’s contractors since April 2019 to get this work done as soon as possible and are pleased to announce that at present the contractors have told us the works on the park will start ‘imminently’.

      Once the park is cleared of the old playpark equipment and the new playpark area has been fenced off, Polegate Town Council will be instructing our contractors to go in and fit the new playpark equipment. Currently the new playpark equipment is scheduled to be installed the week commencing 19/8/19. Again, this is all dependant on East Sussex County Council's contactors clearing the old park equipment and fencing off the new park area.

      The new playpark is expected to take 2-3 weeks to install. Polegate Town Council understand the frustration of residents, but unfortunately this has been beyond the Town Council’s control.  We will update the Town Council’s social media pages and its website with progress.