• Polegate Town Council

    • Polegate Library Update December 2018

    • Library update Dec 2018

      Further to our previous updates the Town Council will be holding a Special Full Council meeting in the New Year to discuss the progress of the library and the best way forward.

      A full report will be available for that meeting once finalised. Please continue to check the town Councils website/social media pages for details of that meeting. Once the date and venue has been set, background papers including the report, will be made available as early as possible to enable you to comment in writing. It is important to note that this meeting is a meeting held in public, not a public meeting and the rules (Standing orders) for speaking will apply (2 minutes maximum per person restricted to 30 minutes total for all speakers).

      If you wish to speak on behalf of a group it would be helpful if you could let the town council know as it may need to limit the number of speakers. Should you have concerns or comments and not be able to attend a meeting, the council welcome your comments in writing (in order that these may be included in the papers for the meeting. Names/addresses will be redacted.)

      Please note that it is East Sussex County Council (ESCC) who closed the library in May of this year and Polegate Town Council has been negotiating with ESCC and investigating the best way to continue some form of library service for the community that is sustainable and at a minimal financial impact to our current and future residents.